Minfe’s Victory: A Renicaria Story

The days had been long. The nights had been filled with wonder. After all this time, Minfe was finally reaching the end of her quest. She reached the bottom of the Tushi meadows. This was where she would find the enchanted Tushi tree, with its sacred fruit that held the key to her fertility tea.… Continue reading Minfe’s Victory: A Renicaria Story

The Forever Drug

I looked up at my office building with great satisfaction. My office sat on thirty first floor of the fifty storey building. My desk overlooked the river and I passed the time by watching the barges gently float by. I was blessed to live my life. I was the CEO of a scientific research facility… Continue reading The Forever Drug


Hey guys, Today I wanted to talk about one of my favourite places in the World, London. I have always loved London. Ever since I first travelled down there I fell in love. I remember when I was around 12 my family and I spent the Weekend in London. We went to see the Lion… Continue reading London

My Passions Outside Writing

Today I thought I'd write a piece about my passions outside of writing, what are some of yours? Reading Of course, what writer doesn't love reading. I love reading every sort of genre from horror, fantasy, crime, thrillers, historical fiction, factual books. Absolutely anything. Nothing unwinds me more than tucking into a good book. Films… Continue reading My Passions Outside Writing

The September Ritual

Lightning never strikes the same place twice. Except for the St. Sebastian Monastery. A solitary monk boarded up the windows to protect from the rain. The other monks had long since left the monastery, leaving him all alone. The Monk wandered the quiet halls, he hated being so desperately alone. The wind rattled through the… Continue reading The September Ritual

Minfe’s Wonder – A Renicaria Story

Minfe was fast approaching the last leg of her journey. She was now heading into the rice fields of Tsuki, which was the last landmark before her destination. She had enjoyed her travels thus far along the road. Minfe had always regretted not having children, but she felt as though she had gained two children… Continue reading Minfe’s Wonder – A Renicaria Story

Renicaria – Volume Eight: The Fall of Proudleaf

Hey everyone, I am so excited to announce the final book of the Renicaria saga (for now!) is now available on Amazon. Everything must come to an end. Renicaria has been ravaged by Lucia Bodrayne and his army of the dead. Rynon Valkour stands at his side as his slave. The renegade band of survivors… Continue reading Renicaria – Volume Eight: The Fall of Proudleaf

My Goosebumps Ranking

Hi everyone, As you may have seen, I have recently finished collecting the original Goosebumps series of books so today I thought I would post my personal ranking of all 62! As I say it is my personal ranking! Do you agree with this list? 62.                   … Continue reading My Goosebumps Ranking

One of Them

The room was small and cramped. The stench of death filled their noses as they woke from their slumber. They each sat in a corner of the pentagonal room. In the centre, a dead body, covered in blood. None of them were covered in blood. There was no apparent murder weapon in the room. The… Continue reading One of Them

October Film Marathon – Day Thirty One: Halloween (1978)

Hello! Happy Halloween!!! Welcome to my October Film Marathon. Each day I will be watching a Halloween/Autumnal themed film and will be posting a review. Today is the 31st of October and I will be reviewing one of my all time favourite films, Halloween! John Carpenter, the master of horror, directs this terrifying slasher. Jamie… Continue reading October Film Marathon – Day Thirty One: Halloween (1978)