The Forever Drug

I looked up at my office building with great satisfaction. My office sat on thirty first floor of the fifty storey building. My desk overlooked the river and I passed the time by watching the barges gently float by. I was blessed to live my life. I was the CEO of a scientific research facility… Continue reading The Forever Drug

The September Ritual

Lightning never strikes the same place twice. Except for the St. Sebastian Monastery. A solitary monk boarded up the windows to protect from the rain. The other monks had long since left the monastery, leaving him all alone. The Monk wandered the quiet halls, he hated being so desperately alone. The wind rattled through the… Continue reading The September Ritual

One of Them

The room was small and cramped. The stench of death filled their noses as they woke from their slumber. They each sat in a corner of the pentagonal room. In the centre, a dead body, covered in blood. None of them were covered in blood. There was no apparent murder weapon in the room. The… Continue reading One of Them

We Three Spirits

On the night all souls walk the earth, the three spirits wander the town. The town in which they once called home. The pretty little houses sit in a row, beneath the beautiful twilight glow. They dressed in sheets. It was something they had witnessed children doing on All Hallows Eve, so they followed suit.… Continue reading We Three Spirits

Psalm of the Heretic

The village of Ragford sat in silence. The wooden huts lined the streets that led to the stream did not make a sound. The village sat near the great castle of Baldurin. A great wall separated the castle from the lowly peasants of Ragford. A small patch of trees separated Ragford and Baldurin from the… Continue reading Psalm of the Heretic

Switched: Part Three

My head finally stopped spinning. I turned to find a middle aged woman wearing a long cardigan standing behind me. She placed her hands gently on my shoulder and pulled me close to her chest. Something about her felt so warm and comforting. I immediately burst into tears in her arms. ‘I have experienced this… Continue reading Switched: Part Three

Switched: Part Two

I had been living with an imposter for two weeks now. I have not slept the entire time my beautiful daughter has been away from me. Every waking minute has been devoted to my search for Beth. After a week, I gave up on the police entirely. They thought I was insane and offered no… Continue reading Switched: Part Two

Switched: Part One

Lighting a cigarette was difficult when you were carrying a heap of shopping and pushing a buggy at the same time. I heaved the bags close to my mouth so I could light it, but the cigarette slipped from my mouth and landed in a puddle on the floor. I verbally exclaimed expletives before trudging… Continue reading Switched: Part One

The Perpetuals

Nobody ever tells you what happens after an exorcism. They do not prepare you for how shit you feel. The priest just leaves you alone to talk to your family. You are lying in your own sweat and vomit. The shackles are still tying you to the bed. All I want is a hug from… Continue reading The Perpetuals

I Hear Them Whispering

Under a peaceful moonlit sky, evil was stirring. Whispers in the night sent shivers down spines. The gentle breeze brought the inanimate to life. The forest was stirring. Two teenagers, Cal and Ross, were messing around between the trees. They snapped branches and burned them on a bonfire. They ate snacks and discarded the wrappers… Continue reading I Hear Them Whispering