A Bed For Two

I didn't feel like getting out of bed today. I glanced outside to see a grey sky hurling the biggest drops of rain I'd ever seen. I could see the sun desperately trying to force its way through the clouds. It was straining but it was all in vain. The misery had won for now.… Continue reading A Bed For Two


Work was a drag. I worked in a Fried Chicken Shop called 'Chicken Boy' because they were a cheap knockoff of KFC. I hated my job. I wanted to quit every day, but it paid the rent, just about, so I decided to stick it out. I didn't really have a plan for the future.… Continue reading Consciousness

A Hellish Test

It’s hard to provide an accurate description of my current situation. It was as though all of a sudden, I was able to think. I did not remember not being able to think but I do not remember any of my thoughts up until that moment. Around me was black. No, in fact it was… Continue reading A Hellish Test


Here we go again. Another one of his rants. I'd just sat down. I returned from feeding the pigs and started the kettle boiling. I was dying for a lovely cuppa. It was a hot day, the perfect weather for shovelling pig crap and listening to another one of Lee's rants. I'm seventy-six now, I… Continue reading Piggy

The Loneliest Monster

There goes the monster again. Striking terror into the hearts of children passing by. Everyone feared her. If you saw her on the street you would cross the road as soon as you could. Some averted their gaze, others were desperate to catch a glimpse of the horror. A child screamed as  the monster’s milky… Continue reading The Loneliest Monster

The Last Journey Home

I hated winter nights. Finishing at four meant walking home through the abyss. Even worse, I finished at seven. The day of the week I hated more than anything. I started at nine in the morning, meaning I had to be up by seven. I looked out of the window at the growing darkness as… Continue reading The Last Journey Home

The Coffee Shop

I followed the barista's arms as he danced behind the counter, twirling various nozzles and pressing every different button. It really was hypnotic. His movements were so fluent and graceful. He had been working here a long time, as shown by his skills. He handed me my coffee and I took my place at my… Continue reading The Coffee Shop