Minfe’s Victory: A Renicaria Story

The days had been long. The nights had been filled with wonder. After all this time, Minfe was finally reaching the end of her quest. She reached the bottom of the Tushi meadows. This was where she would find the enchanted Tushi tree, with its sacred fruit that held the key to her fertility tea.… Continue reading Minfe’s Victory: A Renicaria Story

Minfe’s Wonder – A Renicaria Story

Minfe was fast approaching the last leg of her journey. She was now heading into the rice fields of Tsuki, which was the last landmark before her destination. She had enjoyed her travels thus far along the road. Minfe had always regretted not having children, but she felt as though she had gained two children… Continue reading Minfe’s Wonder – A Renicaria Story

Renicaria – Volume Eight: The Fall of Proudleaf

Hey everyone, I am so excited to announce the final book of the Renicaria saga (for now!) is now available on Amazon. Everything must come to an end. Renicaria has been ravaged by Lucia Bodrayne and his army of the dead. Rynon Valkour stands at his side as his slave. The renegade band of survivors… Continue reading Renicaria – Volume Eight: The Fall of Proudleaf

Minfe’s Trouble: A Renicaria Story

The picturesque Sukaretto mountain stretched high into the sky as Minfe and her cat Chuji continued their adventure into the great beyond. Minfe pulled her cardigan tightly around herself as she braced the cold, icy passageway through the mountain. Minfe gazed in awe at the icy walls of the passage. They were filled from top… Continue reading Minfe’s Trouble: A Renicaria Story

Renicaria – Volume Seven: The Lost Kingdom

Hey everyone, I am so excited to announce the release of Volume Seven! What's lost is now found A new Kingdom has landed itself at Jande Ruku's feet. Behold the Kingdom of Chisir, a tranquil paradise of prosperity, but also isolation. The Pharaoh is reluctant to help Renicaria in their fight against Ragok, insisting they… Continue reading Renicaria – Volume Seven: The Lost Kingdom

Minfe’s Quest Continues: A Renicaria Story

Minfe and Chuji watched the glistening sun rise above the mountains as they began their quest. She had taken a moment to rest on a bench before embarking towards the first leg of her journey, the enchanted Sukaretto Mountain. It would take Minfe at least a day to arrive at the forest at the foot… Continue reading Minfe’s Quest Continues: A Renicaria Story

Renicaria – Volume Six: The Storm to Come

I am very excited to announce the release of Volume Six of Renicaria! All hope is lost. The battle of Proudleaf Mountain is over. The rebellion have been defeated. Lucia Bodrayne stands as the ruler of Renicaria. In his desperate quest for power, he makes a daring move to stand him above the rest of… Continue reading Renicaria – Volume Six: The Storm to Come

Minfe’s Quest: A Renicaria Story

Beyond the bustling of the centre of Shai Min, further than the picturesque villages, stood a house on a hill. At the edge of the forest, a blossoming garden with all sorts of fruit, flowers, and vegetables was in full bloom. The tiny cottage sat quietly, but not for long. Inside, the elderly Minfe was… Continue reading Minfe’s Quest: A Renicaria Story

Mother of the Gods: Prequel to Renicaria

I am very excited to announce that the prequel to Renicaria has arrived! Blessings can sometimes be a curse Follow Rosette Pryst's journey as she discovers she is to give birth to the saviour of Renicaria. A child with godlike powers. Jealousy spreads across the land and Rosette becomes a target for vicious murderers. Fleeing… Continue reading Mother of the Gods: Prequel to Renicaria

The End of the Road: Prequel to Renicaria

Hey guys, If you haven't already, check out my Renicaria series on Amazon! Morning broke suddenly through the trees. A morning that Kavos did not expect to see. A morning that seemed to be the first in years for Rosette. She had not slept a wink throughout the endless night. It was not an option… Continue reading The End of the Road: Prequel to Renicaria