Henry Black’s Chill Voices

Music has played such an important part in my life. It soothes me when I'm tired. Energises me when I want to party. Heals me when I'm damaged. It helps me focus when I need to write. So, I thought I would put together a playlist of my absolute favourite voices of all time that… Continue reading Henry Black’s Chill Voices

My Favourite Albums of the Decade

Hey everyone! As 2019 is coming to an end and a new decade is to begin soon, I thought I'd talk about my favourite albums of the decade! Do you agree with my list? Which albums do you think are the best? The ArchAndroid - Janelle Monáe (2010) To kick things off, my absolute favourite album… Continue reading My Favourite Albums of the Decade

Underrated Artist: Kirsty MacColl

Hello everyone! Two days in a row, how lucky you all are. Today I pose you a question, which of your idols do you feel deserves more recognition? Let me know in the comments. For me, I adore Kirsty MacColl. Her voice is another level of beautiful. Each of her songs has a captivating story… Continue reading Underrated Artist: Kirsty MacColl

Therapeutic Writing Music: Lana Del Rey

Hi everyone. Music has played a major part in my life. I love all kinds of music, from Dolly Parton to Katy Perry, Slipknot to Jimi Hendrix, Frank Sinatra to Florence and the Machine. I often take most of my inspiration from music. Nothing puts me in a more motivated mood than music. One of… Continue reading Therapeutic Writing Music: Lana Del Rey