1930s America: Representation on Film

Feature film is a very important source to gather an understanding of 1930s America because it shows as a reflection of the feelings of the nation. The themes of the Depression, the role of women, the racial tensions, and the role of women in America are among the most prevalent themes in 1930s cinema through… Continue reading 1930s America: Representation on Film

The Value of Film

'Selecting at least three films from the period, assess the value of cinema as a device for the criticism of American society and culture between 1960 and 1975’ Films experienced a great change during the 1960s. Up until this period, films were fairly standard and predictable. Cinema was a conservative medium. It was dominated by… Continue reading The Value of Film

The Success of the Progressive Movement

The Progressive movement was successful in parts such as the reforms in working conditions, women’s suffrage, african American rights and the growing power of Progressive Presidents. However, obviously reforms were only limited and the movement was faced with some difficulties such as a large opposition, and the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. The definition of progressivism… Continue reading The Success of the Progressive Movement

Civil Rights on Film

THE CHANGING ROLES OF AFRICAN AMERICANS IN CINEMA (1967-2017) Introduction Films as historical sources can be valuable to garner not only factual information about a certain period, but also, they can be valuable in showing how the Civil Rights Movement has been remembered and interpreted over time. This dissertation will explore and challenge the ways… Continue reading Civil Rights on Film