My Passions Outside Writing

Today I thought I’d write a piece about my passions outside of writing, what are some of yours?


Of course, what writer doesn’t love reading. I love reading every sort of genre from horror, fantasy, crime, thrillers, historical fiction, factual books. Absolutely anything. Nothing unwinds me more than tucking into a good book.


I am an avid film watcher. Of course my favourite genre is horror. I adore the artistry that goes into film making. It takes so much time and hard work to craft such masterpieces.


I love beautiful things. I love appreciating the beauty of my surroundings. I have always loved capturing these sights in any way that I can. Photography has been my biggest hobby for a long time.

Cooking and baking

I love to cook. I love to bake. I love food in every form it comes. There is nothing I love more than crafting a meal or an item. It is so therapeutic, except when it goes wrong of course!


I am a very active person. I love to go for long walks in the countryside. As I said, I love to appreciate the beauty of my surroundings. I love exploring new places. I also love running. I held a record in my school for the fastest 100m and 200m races!

Interior Design

That is a fancy way of saying I constantly rearrange the flat. Constantly being the key word. I love to organise and to decorate. It makes me happy to look around at a room I have sculpted myself.

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