October Film Marathon – Day Thirty One: Halloween (1978)


Happy Halloween!!!

Welcome to my October Film Marathon. Each day I will be watching a Halloween/Autumnal themed film and will be posting a review.

Today is the 31st of October and I will be reviewing one of my all time favourite films, Halloween!


John Carpenter, the master of horror, directs this terrifying slasher. Jamie Lee Curtis, the ultimate scream queen, stars as Lori, a teenage babysitter who is stalked by a serial killer on Halloween night! Donald Pleasence also stars as Dr Sam Loomis, Michael Myers’ doctor, desperate to track him down after he escapes a mental asylum. This film always has been, and always will be my favourite horror film. Michael Myers, to me, is the most terrifying horror creation. So many scary scenes and great deaths! The wardrobe scene. The impalement. The ghost costume. Wow, what a film. I remember first watching it at the age of eight. My mum bought the DVD of this, and A Nightmare on Elm Street and we watched them both on Halloween. Congratulations to everyone involved in this film. You made my childhood!

Henry Black

1 thought on “October Film Marathon – Day Thirty One: Halloween (1978)”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. One of my favorites as well. I recently watched Halloween H20 and was really saddened with how far the franchise had fallen. However, the recent Halloween film that came out in 2018 was a welcome return.


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