The Loneliest Monster

There goes the monster again. Striking terror into the hearts of children passing by. Everyone feared her. If you saw her on the street you would cross the road as soon as you could. Some averted their gaze, others were desperate to catch a glimpse of the horror. A child screamed as  the monster’s milky eyes locked onto theirs.  Capacious and cracked, the creature’s lips curled into a smile. A hideous smile that only made her more sinister. The child’s heart stopped. She stepped back as thin, gangly arms outstretched towards her.  The creature struggled to bend closer to the floor. In a rush of adrenaline, the child fled , leaving the monster alone.

The monster returned to its lair as the sun began to set in the sleepy town. She hunched into a ball in the corner of the room. Tears slipped down her rigid, paralysed cheeks . The townsfolk did not appreciate the lengths she had  gone to in order to feel loved. To be beautiful seemed a goal too out of reach for the monster. No matter how hard she tried, the world turned its head.

A brick smashed through the window. Teenage voices shouting absurd things echoed  in the distance. A shard of glass shattered the monster’s foot as she investigated the scene. Yet, it was not the glass that cut the deepest. It was the words. The monster looked down as the blood oozed from the wound like honey from a jar. It did not hurt. The monster had learned to ignore  physical pain, otherwise the psychological pain would overwhelm her. She looked around her lair at the shards of glass from all  the shattered windows. At the scars and cuts of a thousand torments from the past. She ignored the blood stains on the floor , some  thick and emitting a foul odour  the monster’s massacred nostrils strove to  detect.

Flashbacks to the monster’s youth tortured her sleep. The taunting and mocking  would stay with her for a lifetime. Her mother had taught her the importance of seeking beauty. Beauty,  the ultimate goal . Nurturing did not come naturally to mother monster. You must be beautiful, how else are you to know your value? She repetitively drilled that message into the monster’s mind. Beauty was responsible for the world spinning. The turning of the tide. The sun and the moon and every star in between. Everything. According to mother.

The monster felt hideous. She judged herself in the mirror. Her appearance was stiff. Every feature over exaggerated. She did not want to feel like a monster any longer. After dressing her foot, the monster braved the cruel streets. Another day exactly like any other. Disrespectful comments were spat through the air, hitting the monster on the cheek. Sniggering snuck softly into her space. The monster hung her head in shame. She had arrived at her destination.

If it would make her look beautiful, she would do it. After all, beauty was everything, wasn’t it?. It was all she knew. Mutilating herself to make herself beautiful was the only way she could calm her inner demons . The room looked like a crime scene. Blood covered every surface. Pieces of flesh dotted around the room. Bandages were strung like fresh toilet paper hurled at  a house by mischievous teenagers. The monster looked in the mirror. Maybe now the world would think she was beautiful. She smiled at the work she had done. Dry blood clung to her face and the scars of her mutilation were red and raw, but she did not care. She cracked a painful smile as she admired herself. The demons were quiet. The world would now see her worth.

But the world was not as benevolent as the monster believed it to be. Her demons returned, sure enough. She was more of a monster now than she had ever been. The taunts grew more cruel. People no longer feared the monster, they found her a source of entertainment. Something to mock to make themselves feel better about their lives. The dark cloud above the monster’s head darkened. Her condition  worsened over time. She reached the end of her time on the Earth. A fatal accident struck the monster down. Not a soul attended the funeral. Earth was not the place for a sensitive soul like hers.

For, the monster, as the world saw her, was not in fact a monster. She was but a normal woman. Once an innocent girl, she grew to detest her appearance, prioritising beauty above anything else. She began to construct a new face, one that would increase her self-worth. Surgery after surgery, she transformed herself into the monster  the world saw .  Silicone dominated her life. Her lips so full they were bursting and cracking at the seams. Her fake hair sat in matted plastic curls on her head. Years of her mother’s droning message had conditioned her to believe she was not beautiful. A society so cruel it drove her to mutilate herself beyond repair. Her broken body wore itself away so much that towards the end of her life she was no longer the same person. Her augmented breasts became so large, they pressed against the chambers of her heart, lodging the passages closed. Surgeons did everything  they could, but an unfortunate complication resulted in her demise. While trying to unblock the passage, the plastic tip of a heart stent curled into the passageway, tearing it apart.

After a life of torment, the loneliest monster was finally at peace. The world had not acknowledged her pain.

I hope you enjoyed this story! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Henry Black

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