My Top 10 Classic Doctor Who Serials

10 - The Talons of Weng Chiang (1977) Series 14, episodes 21-26. Doctor: Tom Baker. Companion: Louisa Jameson as Leela This story certainly has its moments that to look back on, are quite controversial. The portrayal of Chinese people in this serial is certainly something that would not be allowed to let slide in the… Continue reading My Top 10 Classic Doctor Who Serials


I love to write. It gives me a purpose in life. It brings me joy and a way to express myself freely. I have always had a creative mind. I am constantly flooded with new ideas and stories that I must get written down as soon as possible. I live my life in a constant… Continue reading Motivation

My Favourite Songs of 2020

The Rolling Stones - Living in a Ghost Town Ozzy Osbourne - Under the Graveyard Marilyn Manson - We are Chaos Metallica - Blackened (2020) Bob Dylan - Murder Most Foul Twenty One Pilots - Level of Concern Green Day - Meet Me On the Roof Evanescence -… Continue reading My Favourite Songs of 2020

Minfe’s Victory: A Renicaria Story

The days had been long. The nights had been filled with wonder. After all this time, Minfe was finally reaching the end of her quest. She reached the bottom of the Tushi meadows. This was where she would find the enchanted Tushi tree, with its sacred fruit that held the key to her fertility tea.… Continue reading Minfe’s Victory: A Renicaria Story

The Forever Drug

I looked up at my office building with great satisfaction. My office sat on thirty first floor of the fifty storey building. My desk overlooked the river and I passed the time by watching the barges gently float by. I was blessed to live my life. I was the CEO of a scientific research facility… Continue reading The Forever Drug